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If you are planning to improve your fertility through the use of acupuncture, it is vital that when looking for an acupuncturist, you get one that has fertility treatment experience. Here are suggestions on finding an acupuncturist for fertility. First, you should find someone that is licensed by the state. It is a requirement by the state to carry a license for them to practice acupuncture. The best acupuncturists are the ones that use both acupuncture and Chinese herbs for their fertility treatments. When it comes to fertility, people are skeptical about Chinese herbs and it is advisable that you talk to your doctor first before going ahead with it. The fertility treatment will be done best by an acupuncturist that is also a good herbalist.

Look out for experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology when choosing the acupuncturist. It is not every acupuncturist that has experience is treating issues to deal with fertility. Getting an acupuncturist that knows what they are doing will ensure that the acupuncture points do not contraindicate during pregnancy or after the embryo. Therefore, it is vital that the acupuncturist knows what they are doing. The duration of the experience of the acupuncturist will guide you as to how much they know about this kind of treatment. You will need the acupuncturist to have practiced for at least 3 years for you to trust them in treating your fertility issues.

In acupuncture, there are disposable and non-disposable needles and you should find out which ones the acupuncturist uses. At the end of the day, the procedure should be clean and safe by the use of disposable needles. Your other concern should be cost of the whole procedure from beginning to end. The price of the procedure will be determined by the acupuncturist’s experience and the treatment plan you have in mind. The lowest price you will pay for the initial consultation is $75 and $50 for every session that follows after that. There is the option of using herbs and this will drive your costs even higher.

There are follow ups after the acupuncture that you must find out about. Generally, it is recommended that treatment for infertility includes at least 3 months, once a week treatments. This is before the conventional fertility treatments. Once you get pregnant, you will still get weekly treatments until you finish the first trimester as this is the time the risk of miscarriage is highest. You should consider the cost after all these treatments put together to know if you will you will be able to afford it. If the whole procedure is too expensive to keep up with, go for treatment on the day the embryo is being transferred.

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